Santorini Photoshoot Experience with Brandee

At Devin Mickens Photography, we love helping people to tell their own story and capture the moments in their life that matter most. Often, we get asked to take on photography sessions across Europe, America, and beyond. Recently, we were contacted by a fantastic individual named Brandee who was looking for a photographer in Santorini Greece.

As part of her birthday celebrations in Greece, Brandee wanted an accompanying photography session to capture her big event. We loved spending time with her out in Greece, and it was a fantastic experience. As you can see from the photos, too, we managed to capture some ravishing shots of Brandee looking absolutely 10/10 in Santorini!

Brandee asked us to take her vision of a special birthday surrounded by such glorious scenery, and that is what we looked to do. We found some truly special shots in the area local area and managed to capture some great imagery of Brandee at her absolute best. When we spoke to Brandee after, she said that she felt the scenery helped to really bring her idea to life and captured exactly what she was looking for. 

Take a look yourself and see what you think yourself; we captured a quick little video interview with Brandee at the end of our session together. 

Where are the best places for Santorini Portraits?

We worked with Brandee to find the best shots that suited her own personality and image. However, in general, we tend to point to the following locations as the ideal places to turn to for Santorini photography shots:

Oia Cliffs (and Castle)

The cliffs and castle at the settlement of Oia are a typical starting place for anyone looking for vintage photography. With its gorgeous ocean view and the stunning, white-washed homes around, everything here simply looks sunkissed and spectacular. 

The Blue Domes

The blue domes are part of what makes Santorini stand out from the rest. These make awesome photography spots, with the famous blue domes of the city covering everything from the church to overlooking the various alleyways of Gold Street. 

Fira Village

Fira Village is the personification of style, class, and grandeur. On the western edge of the island itself, this offers a great place to visit for cafes, nightlife, and retail shopping. It also has two stunning cathedrals, making perfect spots for bright, charming photography. 

The Bell Tower

A bit of a hidden entity, the bell tower is found in Megalochori, a small village nearby. It is a stunning landmark that is an ideal place to visit for those of religious leanings, those who love architecture, and for anyone interested in local monuments. 

Are you ready for your Portrait Session in Santorini, Greece?

Then do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We would love to work with you and help you to bring your photography dreams to life, just as Brandee enjoyed. Your life deserves to be captured in full detail and pristine style – let us help you to achieve that.

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