Lani Kai Beach

1 Call Loved Ones

Notify all loved ones and tell them the good news, be quick you want to tell them before social media beat you to the punch.

2 Post Ring Selfie

Photos tell a story far better than words could every do. Make sure your selfie tells enough of the story and watch the comments and likes flow in.

3 Get Insurance

Add extension onto you existing homeowners/renters insurance to cover you ring.

4 Think of a Date

Dates and venues book quickly. The quicker you have a date the closer you are to your dream wedding.

5 Venue Research

Step 4 and 5 go hand and hand your date my depend on venues availability and vs.

6 Define Your Budget

Your budget will determine the size of your wedding. Meals and beverages will mostly likely be your largest expense when it comes your wedding.

7 Build a Wedding Website

Having a common location for all wedding details is essential. The knot is a great wedding website hosting platform.

8 Choose wedding Party

How many bridesmaids and groomsman would you like. Who's the best man? Who is the maid of honor?

9 Interview Wedding Planner/ Photographer / Videographer.

Weddings can be stressful hiring the right help will determine the amount of stress/pressure that you will actually feel. Click title for help and suggestions.

10 Find Dress

Take time to find your ideal wedding dress. This dress will be in every picture and every memory associated with the wedding you and your dress need to make a statement.

11 Plan Engagement Party

The work is done trust the people you hired time you party and enjoy life with your partner.