Wedding couple standing on a pier at Olowalu Plantation, surrounded by lush green mountains and the sparkling ocean.

Photographer Review

Why Olowalu Plantation is the Ideal Wedding Venue

As a wedding photographer with years of experience, I know how important it is to find the perfect location for your big day. That's why I always recommend Olowalu Plantation on the west coast of Maui, Hawaii, to couples looking for a stunning and unique wedding venue.

Key Features

Location, Location, Location

Seeing is believing

Olowalu Plantation offers a stunning backdrop for your wedding photos. The lush green mountains provide an awe-inspiring natural setting, while the oceanfront views are simply breathtaking. You'll have plenty of options for capturing stunning photos.

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Aerial Serenity: Discovering Olowalu Plantation from Above

Soar above the lush landscapes and stunning vistas of Olowalu Plantation in this mesmerizing aerial footage. Get a bird's-eye view of the picturesque wedding venue, with its majestic green mountains, captivating oceanfront, and historic charm. Experience the serenity and beauty of Olowalu like never before as you witness the breathtaking scenery unfold from a whole new perspective. Let your imagination take flight and immerse yourself in the aerial tranquility of Olowalu Plantation.